Motherwort, Common

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Motherwort, Common, Common Motherwort, Leonurus Cardiaca, Lamiaceae, Medicinal Seeds, GMO Free, Heirloom, 50 Seeds Per Pack

Name: Motherwort, Common
Scientific Name: Leonurus Cardiaca
Family: Lamiaceae

Bitter and related to mint the stalks of this plant are hollow, slightly boxy in shape and often have a light purple color or tint. The leaves are light green and grow out of stems that come out of the main stalk as the Motherwort grows upward. This plant has long been used to help with an assortment of heart, and blood related problems, amongst other ailments.

Origination: Central Asia, South-east Europe
Recommended Uses:
Herbal Remedy for heart and menstrual pains, anxiety, and helps with premenstrual and menopausal nerves.
Height: 20”-48”
Hardiness: zones: USDA zone 3-10
Flower Color: lilac-pink
Maturity: 60 Days

Other Names:
Lion’s Ear/Tail, Throw-wort
Growing Instructions:
Prefers partial shade to full sun. Direct sow in spring or fall, keeping the soil moist, or the seeds may be started indoors if you stratify the seeds for several weeks.
Be sure to keep soil well watered, taking care not to overwhelm young plants.

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