Motherwort, Siberian


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Name: Siberian Motherwort
Scientific name: Leonurus Sibericus
Family: Lamiaceae

As pollinators go, we’d have a hard time finding a more popular plant in our nursery than Siberian motherwort. While its blooming July through September, every native pollinator we could name was working like mad to get to all the nectar rich red violet flowers born on long stems in whorls that flower continuously until each opening is spent. The Siberian Motherwort is capable of reaching heights of 8′ tall which gives it a great presence in the garden and means the flowering stems will be even longer than its common and Chinese counterparts. It is a biennial so starting it early in spring or dividing in fall is necessary for a full flowering cycle. it is perennialized in places with mild winters and where no winter is experienced can bloom year round. While still valuable as a heart tonic and for menstrual issues, Siberian Motherwort is traditionally used as a mild narcotic, with hallucinogenic effects. The leaves are harvested when the plant is flowering but not setting seed, then dried and smoked for the desired effect. It is often mixed with cannabis, targets Lucida, and wild dagga to increase the effects. When ingested as a tea it has a relaxing sedative effect. When harvesting leaves protection is recommended as it can cause skin irritation.

Origination: China, Mongolia, Siberia

Recommended Uses: leaves are dried and smoked for mild psychoactive effects.
heart tonic and menstrual issues

Height: 5-8′ tall
Hardiness: 4-9 perennial, biennial elsewhere
Flower Color: reddish violet
Characteristics: taller than traditional motherwort and produces more seed
Other Names: honey weed
Maturity: 100 days


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