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Name: Mountain Mint
Scientific Name: Pycnanthemum virginianum

Mountain Mint is a genus of plants in the mint family (Lamiaceae). They are commonly known as mountain mints (or mountain-mints, mountain mints), though “the mountain mint” may also be any locally common species in particular. Some are known as koellias, after an obsolete genus name.

Origination: Native to North America.
Recommended Uses:
The fresh or dried leaves are brewed into a refreshing mint-like medicinal herb tea that is alterative (for that run down feeling), analgesic, antiseptic, diaphoretic, carminative, emmenagogue and tonic.
Crushed flowers are placed on tooth ache and almost instantly kills pain.
Placed in a muslin bag it can be used as bath additive, and is said to be very soothing to irritated skin.
Sprinkle on carpets to freshen the whole house and is said to be a good natural insecticide, the plant does repel insects and is good for use in the garden. Crushed flowers are rubbed on clothing to repel insects.
Height: 60 to 90cm
Hardiness: Hardy Perennial
Flower Color: Whitish or pale lavender
Characteristics: usually branched on the upper half, growing from slender rhizomes (underground stems) usually in clusters
Uses: Used as a herbal medicine in treating wounds and other illness.

Sowing Instructions:
Start in spring from February to May or fall from September to October. Sow thin seeds onto tray or pots. Press lightly into moist compost mix. Keep seeds moist and out of sun. Germination in 14-21 days. Transplant seedlings with 4-5 true leaves to 6” pots. Acclimate for 10-15 days to outdoors. Plant in full sun or partial shade after last frost 12” apart.

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