Mugwort, Artemisia Vulgaris, 4in Potted Plant, Organic, GMO Free, Medicinal, Heirloom

4in Potted Plant

Name: Mugwort
Scientific Name: Artemisia Vulgaris
Family: Asteraceae

The most common variety of Artemisia, Artemisia Vulgaris, has historically been used for flavoring and bittering agent for ales, and medicinally used to treat pain and fever. There are several other things people will use Mugwort for including for tea, burning, and lucid dreaming making it an interesting addition to any garden. Considered in some regions to be an invasive weed, Mugwort grows well in nitrogenous soils usually doing well amongst leaf litter.

Origination: Europe, Asia, northern Africa and Alaska
Recommended Uses: Culinary, Medicinal
Height: 40-60 in,
Hardiness: zones: USDA 3+
Maturity: 30-90 Days
Other Names: Riverside Wormword, Felon Herb, Chrysantemum Weed, Wild Wormwood, Moxa


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