Solanum quitoense
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Name: Naranjilla
Scientific Name: Solanum Quitoense
Family: solanaceae

A year round producer in its native climate of Ecuador, the spooky and dangerous Luto bush will make a statement in your part sun front entrance or exposure. Producing heavy sets of fuzzy orange fruit in winter when everything else has gone dormant. Be careful with Luto however, as every part of the plant is covered in tiny spines with the leaves bearing large sharp thorns on both the top and bottom. Beloved in its native home, the fruit is tart and sweet right of the tree, traditionally juiced into your mouth on the spot. A short lived perennial that is just now finding its way to the states, naranjilla is the dark and thorny focal plant for your next all hallows eve display.

Origination: Andes region – South America
Recommended uses: Edible, most used for juicing

Height: 5-8’ tall with 3’ spread
Hardiness: 9b-12 annual in more temperate zones
Flower Color: white
Maturity: takes 10-12 months to harvest fruit started from seed.
Other Names: Luto

Growing Instructions:
Sow seeds in well draining sandy starting mix in cells. Cover with sand or grit and keep moist and warm until germination in 4-6 weeks or longer. Transplant when plants show true leaves to part shade location protected from winds in sandy well draining soil. Water when dry and fertilize monthly for best fruit production.


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