Navajo Tea


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Navajo Tea, Thelesperma filifolium, 30 Seeds Per Pack, Organic, heirloom, GMO Free

30 Seeds Per Pack

Name: Navajo Tea
Scientific Name: Thelesperma filifolium
Family: Asteraceae

Thelespermas are used by a number of the southwestern Native American peoples as herbal teas, earning the plant common names of Navajo Tea or Hopi Tea. The plant can be boiled whole until the water turns a rusty color and used as a tea. Historically it has also been used as a medicinal remedy and for yellow dyes.

Origination: North & South America
Recommended Uses: Tea
Height: 1 to 2 feet (30 to 60 centimeters)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 3-11
Flower Color: Yellow
Maturity: 90 Days
Other Names: Hopi Tea, Greenthread, Indian tea

Growing Instructions:
Prefers full sun, and dry, sandy or gravelly soil but will adapt to a variety of soil conditions. Forms a taproot so it is drought tolerant, but will thrive with adequate water.
Plant seeds once the threat of frost has passed and the soil starts to warm. Keep seeds moist until germination at which you can allow them to dry out some to encourage a strong taproot. Does best direct sown but can be started early indoor in pots or trays as long as the taproot is not broken or disturbed. Blooms between March and June, but will also often bloom into the fall depending on your zone.


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