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Name: Nepitella
Scientific name: Clinopodium Nepeta
Family: Lamiaceae

A low growing bush like perennial plant in the mint family with a long history of culinary use especially in Italy. the small dark green leaves have a scent and taste that’s a mix between mint and oregano and works well in soups, sauces, breads, mushrooms and much more. Usually blooming midsummer through fall ours bloomed the second year in spring in warmer zone 9a. the spikes of lavender pink blooms are beautiful swaying in the wind and as the weather cools the color deepens to a more rose like pink. The flowers are replaced by seed pods in fall and if allowed to fall to the ground it often self seeds. the plant goes dormant in winter but bounces back in spring every year.

Origination: Europe to Asia
Recommended Uses: Culinary Herb, ornamental, potpourri, cordials, and tea for colds and upset stomachs. A compress for stiff muscles.
Height: 18″ tall, self seeding mound like growth
Hardiness: 5-10
Flower Color: lavender pink
Characteristics: perennial shrub that blooms spring through late summer, self seeding in fall and going dormant in winter. leaves have mint & oregano like smell.
Other Names: Calamint


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