Watermelon, Orange Glo


20 Seeds per pack

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Watermelon, Orange Glo
Citrillus lanatus

The Orange Glo Watermelon was a reliable producer with disease resistant vines producing fruit up to 33 pounds with a sweet crisp flesh that true to its namesake is a bright deep to light orange. The flesh is striped with dark green lines giving way to light green skin. Maturing in 85 days we were continually impressed with the yields and quality of the fruits well into the summer. Orange Glo is a future favorite for friends and family on those long summer days outside.

Origination: white seed company in 1980
Recommended uses:
Culinary, fresh or in salads
Height: sprawling vine
Hardiness: to freeze
Flower Color: yellow

A reliable heavy producer, orange glo was a favorite for us. With a crisp tropical tasting flesh these eye catching orange fleshed oblong fruit are a unique treat to be grown for years to come.
Maturity: 85 days

Sowing Instructions:
Direct sow after last frost in spring or start of indoors 3-6 weeks before last frost date. To direct seed plant groups of 2-3 seeds keeping only the healthiest plant. Space groups 12-18 inches apart and plant half to 1 inch deep. Germination in 4-10 days, keeping soil moist. Grow in rich well-draining soil on mounds so the vines can trail. Water from below and keep moist.


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