Our Lady’s Bedstraw, Galium Verum, Organic, 50 Seeds Per Pack, GMO Free, Medicinal, Heirloom

50 Seeds Per Pack

Name: Our Lady’s Bedstraw
Scientific Name: Galium verum
Family: Rubiaceae

Our Lady’s Bedstraw was once widely used to stuff mattresses due to its natural softness and flea repellent. The flowers were also used as a dye and coagulant for cheese and butter, while its roots were used to make a red dye. A low crawling plant will reach out several feet and will root where it makes contact with the ground. Once established the plant does very well on its own requiring little extra care, however it can spread and become invasive.

Origination: Asia, Middle East, Europe
Recommended Uses: Traditional
Height: 8-25 in.
Hardiness: zones: USDA 3-8
Flower Color: Yellow
Maturity: 60-90 Days
Other Names: Yellow Bedstraw, Wirtgen’s Bedstraw, Frigg’s Grass

Growing Instructions:
Will grow in a variety of soils, but prefers alkaline to neutral PH. Keep seeds moist until germination, once sprouted you can reduce watering to when the soil starts to become dry, and even reduce watering habits more once the plant is fully established. Will grow in full sun to part shade, although preference in location can depend on what zone it is grown in. Plant outdoors once the threat of frost has passed or you may start several weeks sooner indoors. Place the seeds lightly under ¼ inch of soil and gently water in and keep moist until germination, if starting in seed trays transplant into 4in pots once true leaves develop. Acclimate young plants before transplanting outside.


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