Pea, Pidgeon


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Pea, Pidgeon, Pidgeon Pea, Cajanus cajan, Fabaceae, 20 Seeds per pack, Organic, Heirloom GMO Free

20 Seeds Per Pack

Name: Pigeon pea
Scientific Name: cajanus cajun
Famuly: Fabaceae

Eaten both fresh – like green peas, or dried like beans Pidgeon pea provides a good source of protein. This is an easy to grow, well rounded plant. Offering food, protection for other plants, and even small beautiful blooms. Also a great plant for fixing beds as the tap root will break up hard soil and bring nutrients up from the subsoil. When pruned the roots release nitrogen which can be used by other plants. Also makes a great permaculture plant in warmer zones, and great for attracting bees!

Origination: India
Recommended Uses: Culinary, Cover crop/green manure
Height: 10ft (3-4 meters)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 9-15
Flower Color: yellow/orange, burgundy
Maturity: 120 days for pods
Other Names: no-eye pea, Gunga peas, Gunga peas

Growing Instructions:
Pidgeon peas grow well in a variety of conditions, but does not tolerate frost. Sun, shade, and poor soil don’t bother this plant, but does do much better with proper care and nutrients.
If you’re still unsure about lighting conditions plant in part sun, and give moderate amounts of water.
If growing as an annual, plant indoors several weeks before the last frost and transplant outside once the threat of frost has passed. Otherwise you may direct sow, burying the seeds about 1-inch-deep and water in well. Germination occurs in about two weeks; pods will appear in 4 months. If grown as a perennial Pidgeon pea generally will live for about 5 years.


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