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30 Seeds Per Pack

Name: Pellitory
Scientific Name: Anacyclus pyrethrum
Family: Asteraceae

Pellitory is popular as a food spice. It induces heat, tingling and redness when applied to the skin. It is a perennial herb much like chamomile in habitat and appearance. The plant contains an oil used for toothaches and facial neuralgia in traditional medicine. It produces mats of grey-green, ferny foliage and single daisy-like flowers. It is suitable for growing in an alpine or rock garden.

Origination: North India
Height: 1ft
Hardiness: zones: USDA 5-8
Flower Color: White
Maturity: 30-60 Days
Other Names: Spanish Chamomile, Mount Atlas Daisy, Akarkara

Growing Instructions:
Plant prefers full sun and fast draining soil.


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