Pepper, Aji Chinchi Amarillo


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Name: Pepper, Aji Chinchi Amarillo
Scientific Name: Capsicum baccatum
Family: Solanaceae

Pepper Seed Pack: 20 Organic Seeds

Product Description
This Peruvian pepper is flavorful with a good kick of heat. A key ingredient in Peruvian cuisine, making excellent paste and salsas. The more elusive “Chinchi” strain bears smaller peppers compared to Aji Amarello peppers. The chinchi pepper also tends to sets fruit sooner, and will even so where the season cooler and shorter. These bright yellow peppers are perfect way to spice up your life!

Origination: South America

Recommended Uses: Culinary

Height: 36 in (3ft/1 m)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 8-10
Flower Color: White or Cream
Maturity: 80-85 Days

Growing Instructions:
Start seeds indoors 6 weeks before last frost date. Sow seeds ¼-1/2” deep every 2 inches in rich well-draining starter mix. Germination in 7-30 days. Keep soil warm for faster germination. Plant after last frost. Harden off before planting in full sun location with fertile well-draining soil. Space 14-16” apart with rows 24-26” apart


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