Pepper, Bird’s Eye


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The Birds Eye Pepper or (Capsicum Annum Glabriusculum) originated in Central America, and is rated very hot, often seven or eight times hotter on the Scoville Scale than Jalapenos.The flavor is citrusy, smoky and nutty if you can get past the hottness of them. Medicinally Bird Peppers are potentially anticarcinogenic, warming, carminative, digestive, and stimulating. Birds eye peppers make an excellent choice for greenhouse pepper growers or people growing peppers in the south or Gulf States, as well as in the tropics.

Origination: The Birds Eye Pepper is the official Wild Pepper of Texas.

Recommended Uses: Cooking (Food Spice)

Height: 1.5 ft at full growth
Hardiness: up to freeze
Scoville Scale – 180,000
Flower Color: red when ripe
Days To Maturity: 170


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