Pepper, Bishop’s Cap


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Bishop’s Cap Pepper, Capsicum Baccatum, 4in Pepper Plant, Organic

The Bishop’s cap or clown pepper is a varietal of the species Baccatum pepper that also includes Lemon drop – a favorite in Peru – that originated in South America and is so named for the three lobes that give it its distinctive shape that resembles a bishop’s cap. The plant grows to a large height of 3-4 feet producing flushes of green peppers that take 90-100 days to mature. The peppers start as a light green, turning to orange, maturing into a striking red. What really sets these peppers apart is their phenomenal and versatile taste. Ranging from 5000-30000 units on the scoville they are similar to chipotles in heat. With a tangy sweet and spicy bite having an exceptionally crisp skin, these peppers will the star of your next salsa or pickling batch.

Origination: South America, Barbados

Recommended uses: Culinary, dishes where pepadoos or chipotles worked well.
Height: 3-4’

Hardiness: to freeze, greenhouse grown in winter for best results in spring
Flower Color: green to red when ripe

A Sweet and spicy pepper with crisp skin, it is grown for its distinctive shape and its versatile culinary uses.
Other Names: clown pepper, bishop’s crown

Maturity: 90 days, best grown as perennial where possible.


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