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Capsicum Chinense
4in Plant

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4in Potted Plant

Name: Carolina Reaper Pepper
Scientific Name: Capsicum chinense
Family: Solanaceae

2013’s “World’s hottest pepper” ~ 1,569,300 Scoville units
Bright red, gnarled and lumpy with a scythe-like tail, ‘Carolina Reaper’ is a cross between ‘Bhut Jolokia’ (Ghost Pepper) and a red habanero. The fruity flavor has a hint of citrus with sweet, chocolate-cherry undertones. This pepper has been known to lure you in with a great flavor before loading your taste buds with capsaicin.

Origination: The Americas (this particular cultivar was even bred in Carolina, USA)

Recommended Uses: Culinary, dares
Height: 4-5 ft.
Hardiness: zones: Warm season annual for most zones
Flower Color: white
Maturity: 90-100 days


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