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1 Gal Plant

Name: Fish Pepper
Scientific name: capsicum annuum
Family: Solanaceae

Here’s a pepper that will not only be at home in your kitchen but a star in your landscape as well. An african American heirloom from the Baltimore area, its grown for the variegation in the leaves and the peppers themselves. the White peppers were used to make white paprika or to keep white fish sauces pure where red peppers would muddle it. The Plants grow to a compact bushy height of 2′ and have striking white and green splashed foliage, producing peppers in red, green, white, yellow and variegations all between. With a medium heat they are most commonly used in seafod dishes make a hot sauce we here at plants with a purpose can’t get enough of.

Origination: Baltimore, USA
Recommended Uses: Culinary: seafood, salsa, sauces
Height: 2×2′
Flower Color: white

Characteristics: known for the variegation in the leaves and peppers, this compact bushy hot pepper is great for pots or in the landscape.

Maturity: 80 days


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