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Grove Pepper, Capsicum Annum Pequin, 4in potted Pepper Plant, Organic

These hot little peppers grow wild in the Florida orange groves. The producing plant is very prolific. A very tasty pepper indeed, It is one of the favorites among our customers and employees. We have had no pest, or disease issues at all with these amazing peppers. It is the easiest plant to maintain that we grow.

Origination: Florida

Recommended Uses: It makes a great seasoning for chili, pickling, salsa, and making your own sauces, including pepper sauce.

Height: 4-6 Feet
Hardiness: Zones 8-11
Flower Color: green, yellow, to orange, to red
Characteristics: Peppers grow upright, are hot, and turn from green, yellow, to orange, to red when mature.
Uses: food spice

Growing Instructions:

Maturity: 69-80 days
Zones: 8-11
Height: 3 feet
Sun: Full
pH: 5.6-6.0
Germination: 10-14 days

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