Pepper, Prik Chi Faa


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Prik Chi Faa Pepper
Capsicum Annum longum

Thai chilies growing 5-7” long by ½” wide maturing from green to a deep red. A medium hot pepper with many culinary uses the Prik Chi Faa is a favorite for savory dishes and hot sauces alike. Brought into greenhouses in places with mild winters hot pepper s like prik chi faa can be grown as perennials meaning bigger blooms in early spring. As an annual it matures in 75-85 days at 18” tall producing medium flushes of gorgeous red peppers that give the plant a drooping look. We staked ours to prevent limb breakage and pepper loss. Each pepper produced low to medium seeds that have been very viable.

Recommended uses: culinary pepper with medium heat great for curries and stir fries
Height: 18”
Hardiness: to freeze but grown in pots it can be a winter greenhouse plant
Flower Color: white

Characteristics: this thai chili pepper is grown as an annual maturing to 18” drooping with the weight of its beautiful long red peppers that bring a spicy rich heat to any sauce or stir fry.

Maturity: 75-85 days


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