Plantago Ovada


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Medicinal Seeds, Plantago Ovada, Plantago Ovata, Organic, 100 seeds per pack, Heirloom

Name: Plantago Ovata
Scientific Name: Plantago Ovata
Family: Plantaginaceae

Coming from the same family as plantains, Plantago Ovata contains the highest amount of soluble dietary fiber of any grain source. Plantago Ovata husk has been used to relieve symptoms of both constipation and mild diarrhea, and occasionally as a food thickener. Research has also shown benefits in reducing blood cholesterol levels. The seeds are sometimes used commercially for the production of mucilage.

Origination: South Asia (India)
Recommended Uses: Relieve symptoms of constipation and diarrhea.
Height: 6in (15 cm) tall
Hardiness: hardy between 60° to 85° F
Flower Color: Light tan to of white
Maturity: 119 to 130 Days
Other Names: Blond Psyllium, Blond Plantain, Desert Indian Wheat

Growing Instructions:
Prefers well drained soil, but is suitable for light sandy soil or a heavier loamy soil. Thirty percent of seeds will germinate after 5-8 days, with the plant preferring a dry sunny location.


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