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20 Seeds Per Pack,
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Prik Chi Fa Pepper
Capsicum Annum longum

Thai chilies growing 5-7” long by ½” wide maturing from green to a deep red. A medium hot pepper with many culinary uses the Prik Chi Faa is a favorite for savory dishes and hot sauces alike. Brought into greenhouses in places with mild winters hot pepper s like prik chi faa can be grown as perennials meaning bigger blooms in early spring. As an annual it matures in 75-85 days at 18” tall producing medium flushes of gorgeous red peppers that give the plant a drooping look. We staked ours to prevent limb breakage and pepper loss. Each pepper produced low to medium seeds that have been very viable.

Recommended uses: culinary pepper with medium heat great for curries and stir fries
Height: 18”
Hardiness: to freeze but grown in pots it can be a winter greenhouse plant
Flower Color: white
Characteristics: this thai chili pepper is grown as an annual maturing to 18” drooping with the weight of its beautiful long red peppers that bring a spicy rich heat to any sauce or stir fry.
Maturity: 75-85 days

Sowing Instructions:
Start seeds indoors 6 weeks before last frost date. Sow seeds ¼-1/2” deep every 2 inches in rich well-draining starter mix. Germination in 7-30 days. Keep soil warm for faster germination. Plant after last frost. Harden off before planting in full sun location with fertile well-draining soil. Space 14-16” apart with rows 24-26” apart

2 reviews for Pepper, Prik Chi Fa

  1. Kimberly J. (verified owner)

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    Spur chilis are a common ingredient in many Thai dishes but are not widely available where I live. Even the seeds dont seem common online. I was happy to find them available at Plants with a Purpose and I found the ordering and shipping process quick and easy. One week after planting 11 out of the 20 seeds have germinated. Peppers can be stubborn to germinate (looking at you Aji Charapita!) so I am not too concerned. Either way I will have more than enough for lots of Pad Gaprao!

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