Purple Perilla (shiso)


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Purple Perilla ,Perilla Fruteuscens, Medicinal Plants, Organic, 4in potted plant, Heirloom, GMO Free

4in Potted Plant

Name: Purple Perilla (Shiso)
Scientific Name: Perilla frutescens
Family: Lamiaceae

Fresh leaves from purple perilla are popular in various Asian cuisine. Traditionally grown in Korea, China, Japan and India as a crop, with a variety of ways it is consumed. Purple perilla also makes a great plant to attract butterflies, possessing a pungent minty smell.

Origination: Southeast Asia
Recommended Uses: Annual, culinary, medicinal
Height: 24–35 in
Hardiness: zones: USDA 10-11
Flower Color: White
Maturity: 30-60 Days

Other Names: perilla mint, beefsteak plant, Chinese basil, wild basil, blueweed, Joseph’s coat, wild coleus and rattlesnake weed

Growing Instructions:
Full sun, tolerates light shade. Moderate water, drought resistant once established. Plant purple perilla seeds after the threat of frost has passed in loose, humusy soil in the full sun and keep moist until germination. Seeds maybe also be started early indoors several weeks before the last frost and acclimated to the full sun. Plants can self-seed prolifically, Pinch plant stem tips as needed to keep plants compact and to promote bushiness, pinching off bloom tips before they go to seed will also help prevent self-seeding.


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