Hibiscus, Purple Roselle

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Name: Roselle Hibiscus
Scientific name: Hibiscus Sabdariffa
Family: Malvaceae

A popular culinary and ornamental plant worldwide, Roselle Hibiscus has been grown in florida as early as the first settlers were living on their homesteads. Grown primarily for the fiber in the stems that is comparable to jute, these 7-8 tall and wide plants were sights to behold. What has made this plant beloved world wide however is the versatile tart and beautiful calyces of the flower that are used in everything from syrups to wines. harvested when they are mature but not brown they are separated from the central pod and the calyx are either dried, frozen or used immediately. the tart refreshing taste the calyx brings makes it valuable in so many ways but it’s not the only useful part of this plant. The leaves are also known for their spicy and tart taste that livens up salads or sautees. the seeds are also ground up when brown and dried to make a coffee like drink. whether used for an edible or an ornamental the beautiful mallow like flowers and tall stately many branched habit of this plant will make you fall in love from first sprout.

Origination: Central and West Africa
Recommended Uses: Calyces used for teas, syrups, infusions, drinks. Leaves for culinary use. seeds roasted for coffee like drink.

Height: 6-8′ tall
Hardiness: 9-10 or warm season annual over long season
Flower Color: white with dark red center
Other Names: Florida Cranberry, red sorrell
maturity if applicable: 180 days

Sowing Instructions:
Start seeds 4-6 weeks from last frost date in soilless starter mix. sow seeds 1/4-1/2″ deep and keep moist until germination in 7-14 days. transplant to 4″ pots when true leaves show and plants safe to work with. transplant to full sun rich soil location after last frost date has passed and plant is 3-4″ tall. space 3-4′ apart.

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