Quinoa, Taiwanese, Chenopodium Formosanum, 100 Seeds Per Pack, Organic, heirloom, GMO Free

100 Seeds Per Pack

Name: Quinoa, Taiwanese
Scientific Name: Chenopodium Formosanum
Family: Amaranthaceae

A great all-purpose food plant, both the leaves and seeds are edible, each being very nutritious. This variety has deep magenta/purple leaves which have a taste similar to spinach. The seeds are often coked and served as a pseudo-cereal high in protein. The ornamental flower heads and seed husks also display the beautiful colors as the leaves do and can be harvested into late summer.

Origination: Taiwan and China
Recommended Uses: Culinary
Height:6 ft+ (2m)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 7-9
Flower Color: Red
Maturity: 90-120 Days
Other Names: Djulis, Purple Goosefoot, Giant Tree Spinach, Chenopodium giganteum

Growing Instructions:
Warm season crop that requires full sun late, plant after the threat of frost has passed, but while night time temperatures are still cool. Usually is a May or early June planting for northern states, or an early April planting for southern states.
It is usually best to direct sow Quinoa in your beds where you plan for it to grow.
Seeds should be sown no more than one-quarter inch deep in rows one and a half- to two-feet (45-60 cm) apart, thinning out all but best seedlings after they sprout. Germination usually occurs within 3 to 4 days and the soil should be kept moist during that time. Once the plants have established themselves, they will be slightly drought tolerant.

Quinoa is ready to harvest when the leaves have fallen, leaving just the dried seed heads.


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