Red Clover


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Red Clover, Medicinal Seeds, Organic, 200 Seeds Per Pack, Trifolium pratense, Organic, GMO Free, Heirloom

200 seeds per pack

Name: Red Clover
Scientific Name: Trifolium pratense
Family: Fabaceae

This herbaceous perennial plant is great for attracting bees to your garden using its pink flowers with a dense inflorescence. Used to make herbal teas, red clover has a wide variety of uses. It is also widely used for its nitrogen fixation as a fodder crop, which increases soil fertility. Its deep taproot gives the soil a structuring effect, as well as making it drought tolerant.

Origination: Native to Europe, Western Asia and northwest Africa
Recommended Uses: Fodder crop, Culinary, Medicinal
Height: Varies, under 1 foot up to just under 3 feet. (20-80 cm)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 3-11
Flower Color: shades of pink to white

Growing Instructions:
Red clover can tolerate poor soils, and does best in well-draining soil as long as it’s in part sun/part shade. Moderate watering conditions are usually best, but red clover can survive droughts if its taproot is established.
Start outdoors after the last frost, making small indentions in the soil for the seeds (1/4 inch deep) and lightly covering the seeds with soil. Make sure the seeds stay warm and damp for them to germinate, which usually takes a week. Once established, red clover is hardy and will grow with moderate water and sunlight, and is relatively tolerant of drought and other conditions.


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