Sage, DanShen


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Dan shen is a perennial plant in the genus Salvia, highly valued for its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. Native to China and Japan, it grows at 90 to 1,200 m (300 to 3,940 ft) elevation, preferring grassy places in forests, hillsides, and along stream banks. The specific epithet miltiorrhiza means “red ochre root”.

Origination: Native to China and Japan

Recommended Uses: Used in the treatment of heart and circulatory problems

Height: 90 to 1,200 m (300 to 3,940 ft) elevation
Hardiness: Zone 5-9
Flower Color: Purple to lavender
Characteristics: Flowers grow in whorls, with light purple to lavender blue corollas that are approximately 2.5 cm (0.082 ft) long, with a dark purple calyx.
Uses: medicinal herb


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