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Sinicuichi, Heimia Salicifolia, Organic, 500 Seeds Per Pack, Heirloom seeds, GMO Free Seeds,
Sun Opener

Name: Sinicuichi
Scientific Name: Heimia salicifolia

Sinicuichi is a perennial shrub growing from 6 – 10 feet that is native to most tropical regions throughout the western hemisphere (Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, Central America to Argentina) where the soil is moist. It has been used by the natives of Central America and Mexico for shamanic purposes. The effects of a properly brewed solution is known to produce general relaxation, euphoria, acoustic hallucinations, improvement of memory function and yellowing of the vision. There are many possible medicinal uses for this plant. Its Alkaloids content consists of Vertine (primary psychoactive component and most abundant), Lyfoline, Lythrine, Heimidine and Lythridine.

Origination: Texas, New Mexico, Mexico, Central America to Argentina

Height: 6 – 10 feet
Flower Color: Yellow
Uses: Ornament
Flowering Period: Mid-Summer to Mid-Fall

Growing Instructions:
Sow seeds an inch apart on surface of fine pressed soil. Place plastic bag over tray and keep in warm shady location. Keep soil moist constantly by misting. When true leaves appear begin gently exposing to sun and let dry out between water. Transplant when plant is 2 inches tall to pots or permanent position in partial sun, making sure to keep constantly moist

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