St. John’s Wort


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St. John’s Wort, Hypericum perforatum, 4in potted plant, Organic Plants, GMO Free Plants, Hypericaceae

Name: St. John’s Wort
Scientific Name: Hypericum perforatum
Family: Hypericaceae

Perhaps most well-known for its traditional medical uses to treat depression, and general aches and pains St. John’s Wort is a diverse and special plant. The growth for this plant tends to start off low, crawling along the ground before sending up stems and gaining most of its height and flowering in mid-summer.

Although St. John’s Wort is grown commercially in some regions of south east Europe, it can be an invasive and care should be taken where it is planted.
Due to noxious weed laws, seed of Hypericum perforatum are not available to the states of California, Colorado, Montana, South Dakota or Washington.

Origination: Europe, Asia
Recommended Uses: Medicinal, Ornamental
Height: 12-16 in
Hardiness: zones: Perennial in zones USDA 4-8
Flower Color: Yellow
Maturity: Seeds take about 20 days to germinate, plant usually blooms second year
Other Names: Perforate St John’s wort, common Saint John’s wort, Goat Weed


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