Cactus, Stapelia Ambigua


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Stapelia Ambigua, Cactus, Apocynaceae, Cacti & Succulents, 4in potted plant

4in Potted Plant

Name: Stapelia ambigua
Family: Apocynaceae

Stapelia is a genus of low-growing, spineless, stem succulent plants, predominantly from South Africa with a few from other parts of Africa. A handful of species are commonly cultivated as pot plants and are even used as rockery plants in countries where the climate permits. Stapelias are good container plants and can grow well under full sun and light to moderate watering. They should be planted in well-drained compost as the stems are prone to rotting if kept moist for long

Origination: Africa
Recommended Uses: Ornamental
Height: 4-5 inches
Hardiness: zones: 9-10
Flower Color: Dark red, deep purple-brown to chocolate, with transverse brown to whitish corrugations, and covered with long purplish hairs
Other Names: Carrion Flower, Starfish Cactus
Care Instructions:
Full sun
Moderate water, too much water will cause the plant to rot
Repot every few years


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