Cactus, Stapelia Gigantea


4in Potted Plant

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Stapelia Gigantea, Cacti & Succulents, Apocynaceae, 4in Potted Plant

Name: Stapelia Gigantea
Family: Apocynaceae

Love stinks, or at least it does when stapelia gigantea blooms. Bearing gorgeous eye catching red-yellow striped flowers with white fringe, you’ll get lost in the pattern of the flower. When you lean in to smell however, you’ll also be surprised to find a scent of rotting meat. This is how stapelia evolved to bring its native pollinators, flies! While not strong to you or I flies go crazy for it but kept indoors they’ll never be given the chance to. It readily forms clumps and blooms spring through fall but it really gets rocking in summer where each new growth will bear one of its large flowers that are sure to impress. Stapelias like part shade so a bright light or covered lenai is perfect, they are also very drought tolerant and will let you know when they are thirsty by the softness of their stems and a slight droop. Once hardened off however they can be grown in full sun and are even considered invasive in parts of Africa.

Origination: South Eastern Africa

Recommended Uses: ornamental

Height: 8” H clumping perennial succulent

Flower Color: red yellow pattern

Other Names: zulu giant, carrion plant