Corn, Strawberry


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Popcorn, Strawberry, Strawberry popcorn, Zea Mays, Heirloom, Organic, 50 seeds per pack, Edible seeds

Name: Strawberry Popcorn
Scientific name: Zea Mays ‘strawberry popcorn’
Family: Poaceae

Rarely do the words cute and corn go together in conversation but when you grow strawberry popcorn it will start coming up more and more as the season progresses. Maturing at 4′ in height its perfect for children and smaller gardens where you still want corn production. Each plant produces 2-4 ears of corn with red almost magenta like kernels that are great for popping or in decorative arrangements. If you are picking them for popping make sure to let them rest for a month before processing so that they can completely dry. the corn is usually ready after the silk has gone completely brown or 20 days after it first emerges. Origination: popping corn originates from Guatemala Recommended Uses: popping or decoration
Height: 3-5′ tall
Hardiness: warm season annual can be perennial in temperate climates
Flower Color: silk is pink tassel starts white ends brown
Characteristics: dwarf ornamental corn producing 2-4 ears in a 100 day cycle
Maturity: 100 Days
Sowing Instructions:
Direct sow in full sun, rich, well draining soil. Sow ½” down in a circle or grid pattern if production is small for optimal cross pollination If large amounts are grown rows are preferable. Space plants 8” apart or seed 4” apart. Needs consistent moisture and fertilizer twice throughout growing season, high nitrogen is key early on. Space 24-36” between rows.


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