String of Bananas, 4″ Potted Succulent


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Name: String of Bananas
Scientific Name: Senecio radicans
Family: Asteraceae

Product Description:
A succulent houseplant with banana shaped foliage, closely related to the string of dolphins (Senecio peregrinus) and string of pearls (Senecio rowleyanus), forming many draping tendrils. Like many succulents it is relatively hardy and makes a great low maintenance houseplant. The stems tend to reach a few feet long, but can sometimes reach much longer under the right conditions. Due to the growth habit they do well in hanging baskets or near the edge of raised planters. It’s possible for string of bananas to bloom, producing off white flowers which have a cinnamon or clove like scent.

Origination: South Africa

Recommended Uses: Ornamental

Height: 1ft (30 cm)
Hardiness: zones: USDA 10-12
Flower Color: White
Maturity (if Applicable): n/a

Other Names: Curio radicans

Growing Instructions: Moderate light, low water.
String of bananas do best with low to moderate water depending on the conditions, usually waiting to water until the soil is almost completely dry is best. During the hotter months, watering a little more often can help with hasher temperatures and sunlight for outdoor plantings. The roots should not be allowed to sit in water for prolonged periods as this can easily promote root rot. Catcus/succulent soil mixes are best, something with good drainage and allows air to get to the roots. They can tolerate full sun if acclimated but prefer a bit of afternoon shade or diffused light. They do well both on covered patios and indoors. Too much light and the plant can take on a reddish color. They do very well indoors with bright diffused light, however lighting requirements can easily be reached in darker areas with grow lamps. Like all succulents, avoid freezing temperatures, and for the health of the plant its best kept above 46°F (8 °C).


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