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Sweet datil peppers, 15 seeds per pack, organic, heirloom, GMO Free, Capsicum chinense, heirloom seeds,
Organic seeds
20 seeds per pack

The sweet Datil Pepper or Capsicum Chinese is a variant of the most famous Datil Pepper, hailing from St. Augustine, Florida. Flavor is considerable to the datil, with it’s considerable fruit overtones, but lacking the heat. This variety is still uncommon and harder to locate than the standard datil. We are proud to offer these seeds to you.

Origination: St. Augustine, Florida.
Recommended uses: Food Spice

Height: 3-4 feet
Flower Color:
Characteristics: sweet; 1.5 to 2 inches long by 0.75 to 1 inches wide; medium thick flesh; matures from pale green to orange to red; pendant pods; green leaves;
Uses: Food Spice

Growing Instructions:
Start seed indoors in small containers 8-10 weeks prior to last frost date. Plant in moist soil mix ¼”-1/2” deep. Keep soil at 75-90F for successful germination in 2-10 weeks. Water soil when surface begins to dry. Transplant to large containers/outdoors once few sets of true leaves appear. If transplanting outdoors harden seedlings off with filtered sunlight for 1-2 weeks. Plant 3-4ft apart and rows 6-10ft apart.

15 reviews for Pepper, Datil, Sweet

  1. Harriett J. (verified owner)

  2. Marilee H. (verified owner)

  3. Matthew H. (verified owner)

  4. David White (verified owner)

  5. Joseph Bargeron (verified owner)

  6. Moses (verified owner)

  7. Suzanne W. (verified owner)

    I am only giving a 3 because it is not the season for peppers yet, but I have heard these pepers are fantastic. I cannot wait for the heat of summer to try this sweet pepper.

  8. Linda Y. (verified owner)

  9. Martha Cote (verified owner)

  10. Robert Barnett (verified owner)

    Great yield , lots of peppers

  11. Joseph (verified owner)

  12. Allen W. (verified owner)

    Seeds still popping up, so far so good..

  13. Melissa C. (verified owner)

  14. Corey M. (verified owner)

    So far 4 of my 6 seeds I planted germinated. I can’t really give 5 stars until it fruits and I taste it

  15. HENRY BURGE (verified owner)

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