Tarragon, Mexican


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Tarragon, Mexican, Mexican Terragon, Tagetes lucida, 4in potted plant, Asteraceae, GMO Free Plants, Organic Plants

Name: Mexican Tarragon
Scientific Name: Tagetes lucida
Family: Asteraceae

A great substitute for French tarragon, this plant has a similar flavor but with a better tolerance for drought, heat, and humidity, making it a perfect perennial for gardens in warmer zones. Cooler climates will enjoy this as an annual, as a hard freeze will kill it to the ground, but the plant usually recovers in the spring.
In Mexican cultures, the entire plant has been used for stomach aches, nausea and colic. It has also been taken for colds and fevers.

Origination: Guatemala
Recommended Uses: Culinary, Medicinal
Height: 18-30 in.
Hardiness: zones: USDA zones 9-11
Flower Color: Yellow
Maturity: 85 days

Other Names: Sweet-scented marigold, Mexican marigold, Mexican mint marigold, Spanish tarragon, sweet mace, Texas tarragon, pericón, yerbaniz, and hierbanís.


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