Tomato, Abe Lincoln


Tomato, Abe Lincoln
Solanum Lycopersicum

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Tomato, Abe Lincoln
Solanum Lycopersicum

Introduced by the W.H. Buckbee Seed Company in 1923 as a true to seed crossbred tomato, the Abe Lincoln tomato has become a favourite of home gardens and farmers alike. An indeterminate variety maturing in 87 days, it bears beautiful round red fruits in clusters of 6-9 weighing 8-12 oz each. A favorite slicer variety, producing in late summer, it is known for its distinctive sweet and flavorful taste. The fruit is meaty and resists cracking with heavy blooms producing more than enough for the whole family. The plant is recognized for its bronze green leaves and clusters of dark red fruit that brings the tomato taste that most hybrids are missing these days.
Origination: W.H. Buckbee Rockford Illinois
Recommended uses: Culinary – burgers, caprese salad, slicer with excellent mouth feel and flavor.
Height: indeterminate, needs staking
Hardiness: to first frost
Flower Color: yellow
Bearing clusters of 6-9 fruits weighing 8-12 oz these deep red fruits bring a much needed burst of flavor to any cookout. As the fruit resists cracking it is also great sliced up and shown off in a tomato forward dish.
Other Names: Buckbee’s Abraham Lincoln
Maturity: 90 days
Growing Instructions:
Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date in soilless starter mix. Sow seeds ¼” deep and keep moist and between 75-85 degrees until germination in 7-14 days. Cold temperatures slow down germination significantly. Transplant to 4” pot when two sets of true leaves show and plant is safe to work with. If weather is still cool and plant is getting leggy bump up to 1 gallon so tomato doesn’t become root bound. When weather is warm and frost date has passed, plant in full sun rich well-draining soil location. Space determinate varieties 1-2’ apart, indeterminate staked 2-3’ apart and indeterminate


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