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Name: Tommy Toe Tomato
Scientific Name: Solanum Lycopersicum
Family: Solanaceae

Another excellent North American heirloom, coming to us from the Ozarks, Tommy Toe tomatoes are one of the most productive cherry tomatoes we grow. Producing loads of uniform 1” cherry tomatoes with a strong earthy sweet tomato like flavor not found in today’s hybrids. A good addition in salads along with the more sweet Matt’s Wild and the more tart Lemon Drop cultivars we carry. Very heat and humidity tolerant with little disease problems.

Origination: Ozarks North America
Recommended Uses: fresh, gastriques
Height: 6’+ indeterminate vines

Hardiness: zones: warm season annual
Flower Color: yellow
Maturity: 75 days

Growing Instructions:
Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost date in soilless starter mix. Sow seeds ¼” deep and keep moist and between 75-85 degrees until germination in 7-14 days. Cold temperatures slow down germination significantly. Transplant to 4” pot when two sets of true leaves show and plant is safe to work with. If weather is still cool and plant is getting leggy bump up to 1 gallon so tomato doesn’t become root bound. When weather is warm and frost date has passed, plant in full sun rich well-draining soil location. Space determinate varieties 1-2’ apart, indeterminate staked 2-3’ apart and indeterminate unstaked 3-4’ apart. Keep soil evenly moist throughout season but excess water causes cracking. Tomatoes prefer high nitrogen fertilizer when young and high phosphorus when setting fruit.


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