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Vicks Plant, Plectranthus Hadiensis var. Tomentosa, 4in Potted Plant, Lamiaceae, Organic, GMO Free

Name: Vicks Plant
Scientific Name: Plectranthus Hadiensis var. Tomentosa
Family: Lamiaceae

Vicks plant is an easy to grow succulent that’s most well known for its pungent menthol aroma. Compact with a cascading growth of velvety oval leaves, Vicks Plant also makes for an attractive ornamental plant for any succulent garden. The leaves are rounded and fleshy, and can be used in poultices to help clear nasal passages.

Origination: South America (Brazil)

Recommended Uses: Clearing clogged nasal passages and Ornamental uses

Height: 24”-36”
Hardiness: zones: 9a: to 20 ° F (-6.6c) Does best above 50 ° F
Flower Color: Purple
Other Names: “Succulent Cleus”

Growing Instructions:
Full to part sun is recommended for growing healthy Vicks Plants, as succulents however they prefer a dryer planting medium, and can handle being lightly watered about once a week. Proper drainage is also a must as excess moisture near the roots can cause root rot.

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