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Name: Winged Bean
Scientific name: Psophocarpus Tetragonobus
Family: Fabaceae

Already well known in South/SE Asia, winged bean is a plant that sells itself. An herbaceous perennial vine that is more commonly grown as an annual, it is versatile in its uses and is very nutritious. high in protein and fat Every part of the plant is edible at different stages: the leaves are eaten young like spinach, the flowers brighten up salads, the young tubers are eaten cooked or raw, the tender pods are the most popular and can be eaten raw or cooked at 1″ of age. within 6 weeks of flowering the beans are ready to harvest and are very high in protein. they require 3 hours or more cooking to break down the components that make them indigestible. it can also be grown as a cover crop growing across the ground as it fixes nitrogen into the soil. The beautiful pale blue flowers are showy and unique and the 4 sided pods it produces make wings at each corner explaining the common name. A highly versatile plant Winged Bean is poised to become a very important food and sillage crop for Asia and the rest of the tropical world and we here at plants with a purpose are happy to provide it.

Origination: New Guinea
Recommended Uses: culinary, cover crop

Height: 9-15′ tall
Hardiness: herbaceous perennial in tropical climates
Flower Color: pale blue
Characteristics: an extremely versatile culinary and sillage crop, every part is edible and nutritious. the beautiful pale blue flowers also make a landscape statement.

Other Names: goa bean, 4 angled bean
maturity if applicable: plants flower 40-140 days after germination

Sowing Instructions:
direct sow seeds after all danger of frost has passed in direct sun location. as it fixes nitrogen soil quality isn’t as important. scarification and soaking speed up germination which takes 5-7 days. The plant requires trellising unless its being grown for cover crop. keep moist and weeded for the first 40 days as early growth is slow and the competition effects later performance.

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  1. John Sauls (verified owner)

    About 60 percent germination. Plants are growing very fast.

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