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Name: Yellow Dotted Mint
Scientific Name: Monarda punctata
Family: Lamiaceae

Spotted Beebalm is a semi-low growing, shrubby, biennial or short lived perennial. Native Americans would brew this into a tea to treat colds, flu, and fever. It helps dispel heat and increase sweating. It’s essential oils are high in Thymol, which is an effective fungicide, bactericide, and an effective vermicide. Monarda Puntica is a drought tolerant plant that attracts many butterflies and bees. It has the square stems and opposite leaves that are typical of the mint family.

Origination: It is native to Eastern North America from Vermont to Florida.

Binomial Name: Monarda Punctata
Flowering Time: Mid-Late Summer – First Frost
Light Requirements: Full Sun – Part Shade
Height: 3-4ft.
Other Names: Spotted Horsemint, Spotted Beebalm, Dotted Horsemint, Yellow Dotted Mint

Growing Instructions:
Start inside 4 weeks before spring/late fall or direct sow in spring. Direct sow every 6” and thin to 1’. Sow 5 seeds per cell 1/8th inch deep in 1/3rd sand and 2/3rd commercial plug mix. Water cells when dry to touch, germination should happen in 1-2 weeks. Transplant in full to partial shade in well-draining soil.


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