‘Zona Rosa’


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Name: Orchid Cactus ‘Zona Rosa’

Scientific Name: Ephiphyllum hybrid

Family: Cactaceae

The plants known as epiphyllum hybrids, epiphyllums or just epis, which are widely grown for their flowers, are artificial hybrids of species within the tribe. In spite of the common name, Epiphyllum species are less often involved as parents of Epiphyllum hybrids.
The parent species from which epiphyllum hybrids were bred are different in appearance and habit from most cacti. They are found in the tropical forests of Central America where they grow as climbers or on trees as epiphytes Hylocereeae, particularly species of Disocactus, Pseudorhipsalis and Selenicereus. They have leafless (or apparently leafless) flattened stems which act as the plant’s photosynthetic organs. Relatively large flowers are borne on the sides of the stems; in many species they open at night.

Epiphyllum hybrids should be re-potted every 2 to 3 years as they tend to deplete the nutrients in their growing medium

Origination: Central America

Recommended Uses: Ornamental

Height: 1-2 feet

Hardiness: zones: 10

Flower Color: Coral-pink and darker pink ruffled edges

Other Names: Ephiphyllum, Climbing cacti, orchid cacti

Growing Instructions:
Sun to Partial Shade/Light Shade (protect from intense direct sunlight)

Low watering needs, it is fine with drying out between waterings, and will not like being consistently moist. Bright filtered light and low amounts of water is key. Well-draining soil is a must and allows the roots to dry out after the plant gets watered. Generally speaking, epiphyllum do well with a weekly watering, but I can go much longer without some water. Only water if the soil is completely dry, otherwise let it wait.


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